Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fetal Development and Life In The Womb

Technology has allowed us to see each and every stage of fetal development. It has allowed for life saving surgical operations to be performed on a fetus while still in the womb. The modern ultrasound imaging technology also allows us to see in 3D exactly the life that may be aborted. When does life begin? This is the question that continues to be debated today.

Life in the womb is still a life and deserves to be protected.

High Tech Photographs Of Fetal Development / Pro-life Anti-Abortion Video - More amazing video clips are a click away

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pro Life - The Value of Life - Disability And Choice

Chet McDoniel was born without arms. He tells the story of how in many parts of the world his life would be considered of no value and would have been killed within minutes of being born. It is a moving story of a disabled American man who speaks out against abortion.

In this country his situation does not apply. His parents also had never considered an abortion despite his condition. There are many places in the world that would disagree.There are also many people in our country who believe aborting a baby who has Downs Syndrome is the right thing to do. More than ninety percent of women (and their spouses) agree to have their baby aborted when diagnosed with Down's syndrome. 

As scientific early detection methods continue to increase, women and spouses will be able to choose if the value of the of their disabled fetus is worthy of life. Do we have the right to decide who is worthy of life? A differently-abled individual has the same right to life as an abled bodied person. How do we value their contributions to life and can we?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Abortion Survivors - Gianna Jesson and Brandy Lozier

There is no better person to speak out against abortion than one who survived one. These are stories of real women who almost lost their lives and should have if their mothers had their way. There is also no better person to speak out against abortion than a woman.

This is not a television show like the HBO hit series The Sopranos, where Tony Soprano's mother puts a botched hit on him. These are real stories of women whose mothers wanted them dead. They are survivors of a murder attempt in the worst possible way.

How can you tell either one of them that it was their mother's choice that they should live or die? How can anyone qualify another person's life as unworthy of the opportunity to live. Gianna Jesson and Brandy Lozier are both saline abortion survivors.

We would be up in arms if we heard of anyone killing innocent people because it was their choice and right. " I am an actual abortion Survivor.I was burned alive in my mothers womb at 4 1/2 months gestation by a saline abortion. The clear intent was to kill me! By the grace of God, I survived the abortion." Brandy Lozier.  Watch these videos and decide for yourself.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Abortion Video - Pro Life Videos "The Silent Scream" One of, if not the best , anti-abortion documentary films ever made.

The Silent Scream is one of the best anti abortion, Pro Life documentaries ever made. Any one who watches this film will never think the same way about abortion again. The stories are true and what you see will change your life. If you are pro choice or considering becoming so, this film is a must see.

I first saw this movie over 20 years ago. It still stands the test of time for today. A film which depicts the horrors of abortion and makes the case that "abortion is murder" loud and clear.The video is graphic and depicts an actual abortion on a fetus.

This pro life video "The Silent Scream" is a truthful and honest presentation of one of the most important issues of our time. Hosted by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a former abortionist. Watch it here now. Tell me what you think.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pro Life Video "Rachel's Choice" A Pro-Life Message From An Unwed Mother

Rachel's Choice is a pro life short film about a young unmarried woman who decides to keep her child. Rachel talks about the secret she kept from her family as she made the decision to keep her baby on her own. It is an inspiring story of a good choice made during a stressful time while she was still in college.

Rachel recalls the fear and pain in making her decision and the blessings and joy she received after choosing to keep her baby. Rachel's Choice is an inspiring video that should be seen by any unwed mother in the same situation who is considering an abortion.